Do I Need a Temporary Order?

The beginning of a divorce is a tumultuous time.  You and your soon-to-be-former spouse will need to make a lot of adjustments, including dividing property, making decisions about who will pay which bills, finding a new house, and discussing a division of parenting time.  In many cases, parties are able to come to an agreement about how issues should be handled during the pendency of the divorce.  Unfortunately, the very nature of a divorce involves disagreement, and this will sometimes mean that the spouses are unable to come to a temporary settlement.  In such a case, you may need a temporary order.

After either you or your spouse has initiated the divorce, either of you can file for a temporary hearing.  During a temporary hearing, a court can hear issues relating to child support, temporary child custody, temporary property and bill division, and even who has the right to live in the marital residence during the divorce.  It is essential to remember that whatever order is made at the temporary hearing is just that – temporary.  The order will only be in place until the time of the final hearing, at which time a court will make a permanent order about all of the issues.

Temporary orders are very useful, but they are not required in every case.  For example, if you and your spouse can cordially discuss how to handle these issues while trying to either come to a final settlement or waiting for a divorce hearing, it may not be necessary to have a temporary hearing at all.  This will save both time and the expense of having to pay your attorney to prepare for and present the evidence during the hearing.  However, if you and your spouse are squabbling over who has to pay which bills, a temporary order can be crucial.  A temporary order can allow the court to tell your spouse he or she is obligated to pay a particular debt, which can go a long way to make sure your bills stay up to date.  Disagreements over parenting time are also a very good reason to get a temporary order.  With a temporary parenting time order in place, the children can feel more stable and secure about their daily schedules, which can help with the transition and understanding the divorce process.

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