Want to Consciously Uncouple in New Jersey? Follow These Tips

Want to Consciously Uncouple in New Jersey? Follow These TipsHow to Consciously Uncouple in New Jersey


Conscious uncoupling became a divorce buzzword in 2014 when actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin utilized the term to describe their optimistic way of separating. Since then, conscious uncoupling has become a hot topic in the family law field, wherein we are always striving to find ways to make our clients’ lives easier during one of life’s most challenging events: divorce. But executing an amicable and cooperative divorce is easier said than done, so if you want to consciously uncouple in New Jersey, follow these tips.

Adopt the Right Mindset

Conscious uncoupling requires both spouses work together to keep negotiations civil and peaceful. The goal of this method of divorce is to keep a healthy co-parenting relationship intact for the good of the child and preserve the peace of the family unit as it divides. Make no mistake; this is a mindset you must actively choose. It may or may not come to easy to you.

Assemble Your Team

While couples can work together to consciously uncouple, they will also need to assemble a divorce team. This usually involves bringing divorce attorneys, a divorce financial advisor, and a parenting coordinator on board to make it a collaborative effort. Don’t think because you and your spouse want to achieve an amicable divorce you don’t need help. Your divorce will still involve all the difficult choices of a traditional divorce. For example, you will have to agree on how to divide your property, distribute your debts, and share parenting time. The right professionals can make or break your efforts to consciously uncouple in New Jersey.

Focus on What’s Important

For many couples seeking to consciously uncouple, their main motivation is to preserve a healthy co-parenting relationship. Focusing on minor conflicts over who gets what can sabotage this effort. Think back to why this method of divorce appealed to you. Do you envision yourself peacefully co-parenting in the future? Do you want to remain some sort of family structure even though you and your spouse are going separate ways? If so, make sure your choices reflect that and not solely your financial interests. This is much easier if you both have financial independence, like Paltrow and Martin. If you don’t and need to work a little harder to ensure both your financial viabilities, consult with a New Jersey divorce attorney. An attorney can help you understand New Jersey’s laws on divorce and advise you on how to achieve a fair divorce outcome without putting you at odds.

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