When Does Alimony Stop In New Jersey?


Allison Williams: The duration of your alimony obligation will depend on your judgment of divorce. Typically, parties resolve their divorce cases by settlement. If your settlement memorializes an exact date when your alimony will stop, then that is the date you should go by. There may be circumstances you can extend that date, but generally not. If you do not have a set date upon which your alimony obligation is going to stop, then under our previous law, it would’ve been referred to as permanent alimony. We no longer have permanent alimony but we now have open duration alimony. In those circumstances to determine when that obligation would stop, you need to return to court and address with the court certain circumstances, such as your retirement or a termination from your employment. If you are concerned about the duration of your alimony, you should consult your attorney and get some specific guidance regarding your personal circumstances.

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