What Is a Guardianship Proceeding?

What Is a Guardianship Proceeding?The termination of parental rights is dealt with through guardianship proceedings. A guardianship complaint can be filed to initiate these proceedings, also referred to as Title 30 proceedings.

The legal standard in Title 30 proceedings is whatever is in the best interests of the child. Typically, such proceedings will commence after a child has been in foster care for 15 of the last 22 months, at which point the state can take steps to terminate parental rights so the child can be adopted by another family. In certain circumstances, guardianship proceedings can be initiated before that point or not at all if the child can safely live with a relative, the parents are still making progress toward reunification, or if it is in the child’s best interests that parental rights not terminate.

Title 30 proceedings differ from Title 9 proceedings (used for temporary relief) because they are comprehensive and the end goal is a permanent solution. Terminating parental rights is a grave matter and one that is not handled hastily or without careful deliberation. Without parental right termination, the child cannot be adopted by another family, which makes these proceedings essential to finding a permanent home for a child.

A parent can voluntarily surrender his or her parental rights if adoption is the best option, but in many cases, the state will file for parental right termination against the parent’s will. Parents have the right to legal representation during Title 30 proceedings and should take full advantage. An attorney can help a parent navigate the proceedings and explain the different options the parent has. For example, an attorney might be able to suppress certain pieces of evidence, arrange for compelling testimony, or even appeal the final decision.

Your parental rights are worth defending. If you are facing guardianship proceedings, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Title 30 proceedings must adhere to a specific timeline, meaning the quicker you take action, the more an attorney can do for you. These types of cases can be very complex, and a lot is at stake. An experienced New Jersey child welfare attorney can help you navigate your case proceedings and stand up for your rights before it’s too late.

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