How Soon Will My Family Be Reunified?
Working Toward Reunification When CPS takes your child, every minute is filled with fear. The CPS system, housed under the Division of Child Protection and Permanency in New Jersey, is not as efficient as it could be. Agency protocol can make it difficult for parents to get their children back even after addressing the issues outlined in their CPS safety plans. When separated from their children, many parents are desperate...
Your Options if You Disagree With Your Safety Plan
Safety Protection Plans Child welfare caseworkers may ask parents to sign a document called a safety protection plan. Caseworkers from New Jersey’s child welfare agency (DCP&P) implement safety protection plans when they identify safety concerns in the home. In the plans, caseworkers address specific safety issues and ask the parents to follow certain guidelines to mitigate any risk to their child. The DCP&P can ask parents to sign a safety...
How Marital Conflict Can Affect CPS Cases
Conflict and CPS It is not uncommon for one parent to call in a CPS report with allegations against the parent in an attempt to get custody or revenge when they are having marital conflict or getting a divorce. Even if the allegation was false, involving CPS in marital conflict can get ugly very quickly. Some spouses stop at nothing to wreak havoc in the lives of their partner, even...
What Is Residential Care?
Foster youth have unique needs as many enter the system with social, emotional, psychological, cognitive, and medical problems. While many foster youths in New Jersey can be placed with licensed resource families or relatives, those with unique needs and challenges may be placed in residential care facilities. Residential care differs from traditional foster care in that the youth is not placed with one family. Rather, residential care facilities oversee the...
What Is a Guardianship Proceeding?
The termination of parental rights is dealt with through guardianship proceedings. A guardianship complaint can be filed to initiate these proceedings, also referred to as Title 30 proceedings. The legal standard in Title 30 proceedings is whatever is in the best interests of the child. Typically, such proceedings will commence after a child has been in foster care for 15 of the last 22 months, at which point the state...
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