Understanding the Family Preservation Services Program

Understanding the Family Preservation Services ProgramSeparating a child from his or her family can be traumatic for both parent and child. The State of New Jersey must make a concerted effort to prevent separation by providing crisis intervention for families who’re in at-risk scenarios. The Family Preservation Services Program supports this effort.

 The Family Preservation Services Program (FPS) is an in-home family education program provided to families in crisis that are at risk of separation. Working to support the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P), New Jersey’s child welfare agency, FPS offers professional services aimed at helping the family provide a safe home environment for the child. The FPS provides at-risk families with services from trained professionals in the community and other short-term intervention efforts, which can include family counseling, homemaker services, housing assistance, and parenting skills training. Services can also be provided to families who are preparing for reunification or whose child is at risk of replacement.

Families utilizing the FPS make a plan and formulate treatment goals. The family works toward those goals while being monitored. If the family does not meet the goals or follow the plan, caseworkers can stake steps to place the child out of the home. If the goals are met, the family may complete the program. Caseworkers can also recommend the family discontinue FPS services if they are not helpful or are not correcting a problem.

If you have been approached by the DCP&P or are being provided services by the FPS, it might benefit you to speak with an attorney. While the agency must make reasonable efforts to prevent separation, navigating the child welfare system can be stressful simply because of what’s at stake. Even if your child is staying with you and you are now working on a safety plan with the DCP&P caseworkers, you should speak with an attorney about your rights during this time. If you don’t follow the plan or meet the expectations of the caseworkers and the plan, your child could be taken from the home. Thus, make sure you have the advocacy of a child welfare attorney to help you every step of the way.

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