Adoption: Your Rights as a Parent

Adoption: Your Rights as a ParentThe Legal Parent-Child Relationship

When children are adopted, their legal guardians change from the biological parent to the adoptive parent. Once a child is adopted, the parental rights are transferred to the adoptive parent. The birthparent no longer has a legally established relationship with the child and thus no longer has parental rights. This means the birth parent doesn’t have the right to make decisions about the child’s life, access the child’s records, or spend time with the child. The birth parent is no longer financially responsible for the child, either.

The Role of the Adoptive Parents

The adoptive parents can choose to allow the birth parent to have contact with the child if they wish. But the birth parents do not have an enforceable right to contact the child. And the adoptive parents, if they wish, can decide to not let the birth parent have contact with the child. It entirely depends on what the adoptive parents’ wishes are and what is best for the child. In some cases, adoptive parents allow the biological parent to stay in contact by writing letters or emails or making occasional calls. In others, the adoptive parents agree to send pictures of the child periodically but do not allow contact between the parent and child. The biological parent has no legal rights, however, to enforce any of the agreements made with the adoptive parents. If the adoptive parents decide they no longer want the biological parent to have any involvement in the child’s life, they have the right to do that. Once the child turns 18, he or she can have access to the adoption registry to find and contact you.

The laws that govern adoption and parental rights issues in New Jersey are complex. If you have any questions about adoption, you should speak with a child welfare and child custody attorney. As a parent giving a child up for adoption, you have certain rights and responsibilities. These will vary depending on whether you are voluntarily giving your child up for adoption or if your parental rights are being terminated involuntarily. Whether you are voluntarily surrendering your parental rights or if your rights are being terminated so someone can adopt your child, you will need legal representation to ensure your rights are defended and your child’s best interests are protected throughout the court process.

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