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Family law often deals with personal and sensitive life matters. Those going through divorce or child custody disputes, choosing to adopt or marry, or seeking child support may face various legal obstacles along the way.

If you find yourself in one of these interpersonal circumstances, you may benefit from dedicated legal support. No matter your situation, consulting a Maplewood family lawyer could help you attain the outcome you desire.

What is Family Law in Maplewood?

Contrary to popular belief, family law deals with more than just divorce. A local family attorney could provide support for many common life scenarios, including child custody arrangements and modifications, marital issues, adoption, and more.

Child Custody

When creating a child custody arrangement, courts in New Jersey place a heavy emphasis on what is best for the children. They also operate under the idea that children benefit from having a good relationship with both parents. Various factors may be taken into consideration in a child custody case, such as:

  • The parents’ relationship to the children
  • The parents’ ability to communicate and cooperate with one another
  • Any preferences of the children
  • The stability of the home

When working out a child custody arrangement, Maplewood parents may benefit from working with a supportive lawyer to attain positive resolutions to their cases.

Child Support

Child support is meant to help maintain a stable standard of living for children after a divorce. In Maplewood, courts typically assume that both parents are financially responsible for their children and apply specific guidelines in determining the amount of child support owed. Along with the income of each parent, the court may consider the cost of housing, tuition, transportation, and various other expenses.


In New Jersey, adults over the age of 18 may legally adopt. If a person pursuing adoption is married, his or her spouse must consent if it is not a joint adoption. Some cases may also involve open or international adoption. In any of these scenarios, a well-informed family lawyer could explain the legal proceedings to a prospective adoptive parent in Maplewood.

Marriage and Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage is covered by case law at the state and federal level, as well as in New Jersey statutory law. With the exception of prohibited marriages between relatives or with minors, adult couples in New Jersey can marry.

Before a marital union, some couples may choose to create a prenuptial agreement that specifies various matters, such as how assets would be divided in the event of a divorce. Estate issues may also be covered by these types of contracts. Maplewood couples who are considering a prenuptial agreement should consult a skilled attorney who specializes in that area of family law.


When dissolving a marriage, there are many legal considerations, including division of assets and debts, potential alimony, and child support payments. The outcomes of these cases can have a significant impact on a person’s future. Additionally, because divorce proceedings are often highly emotional, proficient legal counsel may be critical in navigating these issues in an efficient and fair way.

Discuss Your Case with a Maplewood Family Attorney

Legal cases involving family require support from a trusted and compassionate attorney. If you are dealing with any of the scenarios listed above, you may benefit from a consultation with a member of our team. Call our Maplewood family lawyers today to discuss your situation with a dedicated legal ally.

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