Understanding the Role of a CASA

Advocates for Children

A CASA is a Court Appointed Special Advocate that looks out for the best interests of the child. CASAs are appointed in child welfare cases when the child is living in foster care. If your child has a CASA, it is important you understand the role he or she will play in your case.

The Role of CASA in Child Welfare Cases

CASAs play a role akin to that of a guardian ad litem; they protect and advocate for your child during the case process. CASAs are volunteers from the community who are appointed by the court. A parent or someone else who is involved in the case can request the court to appoint a CASA. The CASA will help your child during the case until resolution. Children often need this kind of protection due to the weaknesses and limitations of the child welfare system. Children who are living in unsafe home environments or who are displaced from their homes need an adult who can ensure the child’s best interests are protected throughout the case. Without such a person, the child may suffer from the inconsistencies in the system. A CASA can help ensure the case moves forward, your child has his or her needs met, the judge is in receipt of all relevant facts, and that your child’s best interests are protected. CASAs are not the same as law guardians. A law guardian is an attorney for your child. The CASA usually is not an attorney, and if she is an attorney, will not function in that role. Instead, a CASA will serve as your child’s advocate and fact investigator for the Court, not a legal representative.

Consult with an experienced New Jersey child welfare and custody attorney if you have questions about the role of CASA in your case. Knowing and understanding what CASA will do for your child can help alleviate some concerns. A knowledgeable attorney can inform you on what a CASA representative will do, the role he or she will play in your case and how to work with them to ensure the best outcome is achieved in your case. An attorney can also make sure the CASA investigates the case thoroughly and has access to all the important information. This is vital for the CASA to best advocate for your child’s interests so the judge can make an informed decision about the case.

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