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The child support system can be hard to navigate, especially if you are new to the process and have never attempted it before. The laws can sometimes make it difficult to file paperwork or obtain information regarding your case on your own from the courthouse.

Additionally, dealing with your ex-partner during these negotiations can be difficult. Our firm has many years of experience in child support matters, and we have developed the professionalism and care required to handle delicate situations such as these.

Family courts are vigilant about protecting the rights of children, and each parent has an obligation to their child to provide financial support. Therefore, it can be frustrating and stressful if a parent fails to meet these obligations. Additionally, you may need help modifying the amount of support you pay or the amount of support that you are being paid.

In general, there can be many issues that revolve around parental financial obligations that can be difficult to handle without an experienced family law attorney. Fortunately, one of our Short Hills child support lawyers could help you navigate this process that is vital to your children’s well-being and your financial stability.

What are the Child Support Guidelines in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, children have the right to be financially supported by both of their parents. When parents are separated or going through the divorce process, courts use statutory child support guidelines to determine how much one parent may need to pay the other. These guidelines are based on many factors, and also give a court the discretion to modify support payments as needed.

State law establishes that every child has a right to support from both parents, which means that income from both parties becomes a factor in determining parental financial obligations. A court considers a complete financial picture when establishing payment amounts.

Case Information Statement for Child Support

When one parent is seeking child support from the other, they must file a Case Information Statement (CIS), which provides the court with a general idea of the individual’s finances. While the CIS puts the numbers before the court, judges may consider many factors when allocating child support. Some of these factors may include:

  • The child’s needs and existing lifestyle
  • Each parent’s role in the child’s life
  • All income sources from both parents
  • Medical expenses and special needs

One of our dedicated attorneys in Short Hills could guide a parent through the child support process and help them gather any necessary documentation needed for the application to the court.

Modifying Short Hills Child Support Payments

Over the years, a child’s needs or a parent’s income may change. In these cases, after the initial order, a Short Hills attorney could help a parent file a motion to modify child support based on new facts and evidence.

When trying to modify one of these orders, a parent must prove that there has been a change in circumstances. This may involve a wide array of life events, such as a loss of income or the obligation to support another child. For example, a parent may request to lower their child support amount because of a loss of employment. However, if a parent’s income increases dramatically, due to a promotion for instance, the amount they owe may increase.

How Long Does a Parent Have to Pay Child Support?

Although an individual becomes a legal adult at 18, a parent’s child support obligation does not necessarily end at that age. In Short Hills, except in certain circumstances, a parent must make support payments until their child reaches the age of 19, at which point the child is considered emancipated and parental financial obligations will terminate automatically. However, if a motion for emancipation was already filed when the child turned 18, this also may end child support payments.

Additionally, if a child is enrolling in college as a full-time student, child support payments must continue and may extend into post-graduate years. Further, there are other limited circumstances where a child support obligation may continue as well. For more information about this, please contact our Short Hills attorneys for an initial consult.

A diligent Short Hills attorney could help someone with any questions about child support that they may have.

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We know how much your children mean to you since we have families ourselves. We understand how difficult the child support process can be if you do not have an experienced legal guide to help you to navigate the system. We know that you need an emotional support system and work to provide you with the support you need to help you through this trying time.

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