Child Support Interstate Enforcement in Short Hills

States issue child support orders under their jurisdiction. If you live in New Jersey, you can apply for child support through the New Jersey Child Support Program. If you and the other parent both live in New Jersey, enforcing the child support order is easy.

But what if the payor (the parent paying child support) lives in another state? How can you enforce an interstate child support order? Today, it’s not uncommon for parents to live in different states, so these questions are worth exploring with a Short Hills child support attorney. If you need help with child support interstate enforcement in Short Hills, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our dedicated attorneys.

Enforcing Child Support Across State Lines

Under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (the Act), New Jersey child support orders are enforceable in other states. In Short Hills, employers must comply with income withholding requirements for interstate child support orders. For example, if the payor lives and is employed in Texas, the employer must follow protocol for child support income withholding for a New Jersey child support order.

And parents who try to evade child support obligations could face criminal charges. It is a federal crime to move to another state with the intent of avoiding a child support obligation.

The Act also requires employers comply with child support orders from tribal governments and some countries. New Jersey and the federal government have agreements with 27 countries and 13 Canadian provinces to hold parents living abroad liable for child support obligations.

Protecting the Rights of Children in Short Hills

Interstate child support enforcement is essential to ensure all children in Short Hills have the right to financial support by their parents, regardless of where those parents live. Payee parents (those receiving child support) have other protections as well. States calculate child support using standard guidelines and keep detailed records of arrears. Without these valuable protections, children can suffer.

Getting a child support order can be challenging. And it’s more difficult if you aren’t familiar with the many laws governing child support in New Jersey. Thus, it’s crucial you speak with an experienced child custody lawyer. A custody lawyer can get you a fair child support order and help you enforce it, no matter where the other parent lives.

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