Paying for Education through Child Support in Short Hills

Divorced parents of school-aged children may wonder who is responsible for paying various educational expenses. Whether your child is entering daycare or college, the amount of support owed to you or that you are required to pay for their schooling will depend on many factors.

To learn about paying for education through child support in Short Hills, it is recommended that you speak with a knowledgeable attorney. The legal team at Williams Law Group, LLC could assess your individual circumstances and advise you on pursuing the desired outcome in your child support case.

Am I Required to Pay Child Support for College Education?

In New Jersey, the law allows the court to compel you to pay for your child’s college education. One of the major considerations is whether you and your ex-spouse are college-educated. If so, the court will likely say that you would have contributed towards the child’s college education had you continued the marriage.

In determining support obligations for college, the court will also consider various other factors, such as:

  • Whether or not your child has the aptitude to go to college
  • What costs have been factored into the decision
  • Whether or not your child is going to receive scholarship aid
  • What your child wants to do with their education
  • Where they would like to attend
  • Whether the cost of the educational institution that they are considering is reasonable in light of their school abilities
  • What their plans are for using their education upon graduation

Calculating College Contributions from Child Support

Normally, any child support for college will be addressed in a judgment of divorce. If it was not addressed, your attorney could argue that you did not intend to make that contribution. On the other hand, if you did address it in very broad terms, the court will impose some obligation. The question is going to be calculating that specific amount.

There is no restriction on the amount that you could be obligated to pay for your child to attend an in-state institution. The courts usually will award some form of college contribution, so it is recommended that you consult a skilled attorney to determine your support obligation for the specific circumstances.

Child Support for an 18-year-old Who Takes a Year Off from School

If a child is 18 years of age, has graduated from high school, and is not pursuing college or some type of vocational education, you will typically be relieved of your support obligation. First, you must file an application with the court or mutually consent with the other parent to emancipate the child. If the child resumes college after a year or decides to go into some form of post-secondary education, child support can be reinstated at that time.

Can My Ex-Spouse Make Me Pay for Our Child’s Private School in Short Hills?

Your former spouse can petition the court to require you to contribute toward private school costs for your children. The question is going to be whether or not you would have contributed toward those expenses while you were married. If you would have contributed toward private school costs but are no longer able to do so, an experienced lawyer in the area could help you explain your situation to the court.

If it is simply a matter of moving into a separate household and having less income, the court may relieve you of an obligation to contribute toward private school. Furthermore, if your child did not attend private school during your marriage, the court will likely be reluctant to impose that obligation upon you.

Child Support Obligations for Daycare

In New Jersey, a child’s daycare expenses are an obligation of both parents. Usually, the custodial parent will be the one who actually pays these expenses. The noncustodial parent will typically pay their share to their ex-spouse through their child support contributions, which will factor in the cost of daycare. However, those who feel more comfortable paying directly to the daycare can have that preference confirmed in a court order as well.

Ask a Short Hills Attorney about Paying for Education through Child Support

Child support obligations for daycare through college will be largely dependent on the individual circumstances. If you are seeking support for your child’s education from your ex-spouse, or if you are wondering what your obligations will be, consult a well-practiced attorney at our firm. One of our lawyers could answer any questions you may have about paying for education through child support in Short Hills. Call today for a consultation.

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