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As a single parent trying to raise children, it can be frustrating if the other parent fails to pay court-ordered child support. You may fall into financial peril without those weekly payments. If your co-parent is in arrears, contact our Short Hills child support enforcement lawyers for help. We can act quickly to recoup the support owed.

On the other hand, if you owe child support and have trouble paying, we can immediately help with setting up a plan. The courts take child support obligations very seriously, and there is no way to escape this vital obligation. If your family receives child support, talk to our skilled attorneys about enforcement.

Enforcing Child Support Orders in Short Hills

When a court sets the original child support order, it also outlines a payment method. The New Jersey Department of Human Services has the Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) to track child support obligations. The OCSS will know when someone is behind on their child support payments and they have the authority to take measures to obtain money owed.

However, because the OCSS is a public institution, its agents can rarely provide quick, personalized service. They handle thousands of cases, and it can take quite a while to implement an action plan. A Short Hills child support enforcement representative can give clients the quick, personalized attention they need when it comes to lack of payments from a parent.

Often child support payments go through the Probation Office of the county where the child resides. Courts can set up automatic deductions from the wages of the paying parent. This can be difficult in the case of a self-employed payer, for instance, but a knowledgeable legal advisor can be helpful in the enforcement of child support orders in this case as well. They can even negotiate good-faith payments outside of the Probation Office process.

Individuals may also set up regular deductions from a personal checking account, rather than a wage garnishment. Courts take a child’s right to financial support very seriously, and they have wide latitude for enforcing that right.

What a Court Can do to Enforce Paying Child Support?

New Jersey courts have a Child Support Enforcement Unit, dedicated to promoting the welfare of children receiving support. Additionally, the Federal Office of Child Support becomes involved once the child support owed surpasses $2,500.00. Along with courts and the OCSS, they have the power to seize assets, withhold income, and intercept lottery winnings and tax refunds. Unpaid support will affect credit ratings and can result in the suspension of professional licenses or a passport denial. Short Hills courts can even issue a warrant for the arrest of the non-paying party which can result in jail time.

It is not hard to fall behind in weekly payments and the debt can add up quickly. Sometimes the payer may feel overwhelmed and simply walk away from the obligation. Courts, the federal government, the OCSS, and Probation Departments can help implement many of the above interventions.

This process can become complicated, however, and a parent who needs child support to pay bills often does not have time to wait for help. A legal professional with experience in support enforcement can explain the next steps and support clients in getting those critical weekly payments.

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The welfare of you and your child depends on many things, including financial stability. When non-payment threatens your family’s security, our team of Short Hills child support enforcement lawyers is ready to advocate for you. We can help the process move swiftly to resolution so you and your child can find some stability.

Keep in mind that the administrative office of the courts dedicates resources to helping parents who are owed money, but the process can be slow. An attorney could help you in your circumstance. Reach out today to get back to financial security for you and your family.

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