What Is Reunification?

Bringing the Family Together Again

Jason Having a child taken or withheld from you is a tragic experience. If you are visiting with your child after having limited contact or being alienated from your child, you may face some challenges. After a parent and a child have been apart, reconnecting and reforming a strong bond can be difficult, especially if one parent has been alienated from the child. Reunification is a term used to broadly describe the process of reforming a severed parent-child bond.

After Time Apart

Being unable to see your child or being alienated from him or her damages the parent-child bond. This increases the risk that the reunification will be difficult for both parent and child. When a child has been alienated from one parent, he or she may find it difficult to trust that parent or show affection toward that parent. Parental alienation is when one parent turns the child against the other parent. This is not uncommon in divorce, separation, and custody cases. Unfortunately, it can leave lasting scars on the relationship between the alienated parent and the child. The child may experience emotional distress, withdraw, or be unable to cope well. Children can suffer from a host of emotional, psychological, and cognitive difficulties following an unsuccessful reunification. Likewise, the parent may find it difficult to communicate with the child in a way that promotes a strong parent-child relationship. Reunification isn’t easy. Often, reunification therapy is needed to help this process go smoother. Typically, both parents need reunification therapy to ensure there are no barriers to successful reunification.

Without adequate reunification, the parent-child relationship may not heal. Not surprisingly, this is detrimental to both the parent’s and the child’s psychological well-being. Speak with an experienced New Jersey child custody and child welfare attorney if you have questions about reunifying with your child. This can be a difficult process for both parent and child. An attorney can help you connect with the resources that can help you in the reunification process and make sure your relationship with your child is legally fortified so reunification won’t be necessary again. 

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