Strengthening Parent-Child Bonds After a Custody Dispute

Repairing Relationships


Contested custody cases can leave both parents at odds and the child in the middle in distress. Though the outcome of the case may be in the best interests of the child, the case itself can damage the child’s parent-child bonds. It is important to help your child move through this time and strengthen these bonds going forward. Strengthening parent-child bonds after a custody dispute is possible, but it may take some sensitivity, maturity, and tact.


Remember, it will benefit your child long term to have both parents be a part of his or her life. Even if you and the other parent fought over custody, it is important to remember that you should both do what is in your child’s best interests. This often means working together as co-parents to encourage healthy parent-child bonds. One way you can do this is remain courteous and respectful when you have to interact with the other parent. Likewise, refraining from speaking negatively about him or her in the presence of your child can serve the same purpose. It is also important to make sure your parenting plan and parenting time schedule are practical and feasible. Making sure the non-custodial parent has appropriate parenting time and clear guidelines in place can ensure your child enjoys consistent and quality time with both parents. This will help strengthen your child’s bond with the other parent.


Keep in mind that you should only encourage your child’s bond with the other parent if it is a healthy one. If the other parent is abusive or neglectful of your child, this precisely what you do not want to do. Instead, consult with an experienced New Jersey child welfare and custody attorney about your case. An attorney can help you get a custody arrangement that will protect your child from harm. The other parent may still be allowed limited visitation with your child, but only if the court finds it is in your child’s best interests. Divorce and separation can traumatize children, resulting in long-lasting psychological and emotional difficulties. Working to encourage healthy parent-child bonds can help your child cope healthily during this difficult time.


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