When Can You Ask for Temporary Emergency Custody?
If you suspect your child is in imminent danger, your instinct is to protect him or her at all costs. In some situations, it is necessary to take your child to a safer environment, away from the harmful parent. If you share custody or if the other parent has parenting time rights, however, you may not be able to take your child without permission or a court order. A court...
Why You Should Think Before You Call CPS in a Custody Dispute
If you are desperate to get custody of your child, you might feel like your options are limited. Custody disputes can be lengthy, contentious, and cost the whole family time and money. And many parents aren’t happy with the outcome of taking their custody battle to court. Some parents make the mistake of calling CPS in a desperate attempt to get custody. But what those parents don’t realize is once...
DYFS Law – How Findings May Impact Matrimonial and Custody Proceedings
It is not uncommon that allegations of child abuse and/or neglect arise in the context of pending or contemplated custody litigation – whether in a pending divorce matter, post-judgment custody or parenting time modification application or non-dissolution custody action. Nor is it an infrequent occurrence for such allegations to precipitate custody litigation, either at the behest of the NJ Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) (DCPP) or upon application...
Fighting a Sole Custody Claim
The children and their well-being is central in the life of every parent.  When a relationship or even a marriage falls apart and the parents are facing a custody case, the courts will make a decision about what type of custody and visitation arrangement is in the children’s best interest.  In the optimal circumstance, the parties will even be able to come to their own decision about what would be...
Grandparents’ Rights
Ask any grandparent, and they will tell you that having a grandchild is one of the most exciting and fulfilling stages of life.  Playing with grandchildren, helping them grow, and providing them with love and support are all central grandparent roles.  In the optimal situation, grandparents and parents get along and cooperate to provide the best possible care for the children.  However, it is the sad reality that there are...
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