Fighting a Sole Custody Claim
The children and their well-being is central in the life of every parent.  When a relationship or even a marriage falls apart and the parents are facing a custody case, the courts will make a decision about what type of custody and visitation arrangement is in the children’s best interest.  In the optimal circumstance, the parties will even be able to come to their own decision about what would be...
Can I Move Out-of-State With My Child?
Our society is becoming increasingly mobile.  It is no longer uncommon for people to relocate far away from the places where they were born and raised, and to move several more times once they reach adulthood.  When you are married or in a committed relationship, it is typical for your spouse or partner to accompany you when you move, along with any children the two of you share.  After a...
Co-Parenting With a Narcissist
Parenting can be a very challenging, albeit rewarding, job.  Even when you and the other parent are residing together and have a healthy relationship, parenting your shared children can lead to disagreements.  After a divorce or separation, these disagreements and challenges can be exacerbated, as there are often other lingering issues between the parents that complicate the resolution of these issues.  If you are co-parenting with a narcissist, these complications...
Summer Camp, Vacation, and Summer School – Parenting Disputes During Summer Break
School children all over the United States look forward to summer break all year.  During summer, families can take vacations, pursue hobbies, and spend time together without worrying about homework or projects.  There may be other more structured activities during the summer, such as summer camp or even summer school.  When parents are still living together, they can make decisions together about what summer activities would be best for their...
What Is a Parenting Coordinator?
The end of a marriage or relationship is clearly difficult for the people directly involved in that relationship.  When the parties also share children, the children usually become the central focus of the case.  Parents always want what is best for their children, but in a divorce, they may not be able to agree on what that means.  During a divorce, tensions can run high, and parents may not be...
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