Summer Camp, Vacation, and Summer School – Parenting Disputes During Summer Break

School children all over the United States look forward to summer break all year.  During summer, families can take vacations, pursue hobbies, and spend time together without worrying about homework or projects.  There may be other more structured activities during the summer, such as summer camp or even summer school.  When parents are still living together, they can make decisions together about what summer activities would be best for their family.  Following a divorce or custody action, however, parents may run into disputes about the children and how summer break should be handled.

As with any other custody issue, the first thing parents should do in this situation is to look at their custody order.  The vast majority of custody orders will contain clear instructions as to how parenting time will be handled during summer vacation.  One typical provision is that each parent is allowed to take a block of uninterrupted time with the child in order to allow for vacation.  During that designated time, the parent enjoying parenting time with the child can take the child on vacation if he or she wishes, and except in very rare circumstances, this includes taking the child out of state.  In the vast majority of cases, neither parent needs permission from the other to take the child to an out of state location for a vacation.  In other words, if you are planning to take your child to Florida during your vacation time, the other parent will not have veto power over that decision.

Parents need to understand that during his or her designated parenting time, including summer break, he or she makes the choices as to how the child will spend time.  This is usually the most relevant for summer camp.  Neither parent can make the choice that a child must attend a particular summer camp if that camp takes place during the other parent’s visitation.  Optimally the parents will work together to choose camps that fit their schedules and the child’s preferences.  If that is not possible, parents will need to make decisions only for their own time or return to court.  Keep in mind, however, if the child is required to attend summer school because of failing grades or truancy, this will not be governed by the same rules.

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Summer vacation can be a great time with your kids, and we can help you understand your court order.  Contact us today to help us resolve your disputes.

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