Demystifying Motions in New Jersey Divorce Cases
A motion is a request for relief from the court. In a New Jersey divorce court, many motions can be filed during the litigation process. Each motion has a different purpose and requests a specific action from the court (e.g. make a decision or issue an order). The party seeking relief from the court can file a motion once the complaint for the case has been filed. In divorce and...
Who Gets Alimony In New Jersey And Why?
Transcript Allison Williams: In New Jersey, any person is eligible to receive alimony. It is not required that the person had worked in the marriage or not worked in the marriage. Typically, courts look at who was earning what the time the party separated. Depending, on what you earned you may be entitled to receive support. There needs to be a differential of incomes between the parties and the court...
Do I Need an Annulment or Divorce?
The end of a relationship is a complicated time. You are likely facing a wide variety of issues, such as getting a new place to live, changing careers, and considering what type of visitation or custody arrangement would be in your children’s best interest.  There are also a wide variety of choices that will have to be made in terms of logistics – will you need to ask for alimony?...
Should We Separate Assets Before Filing for Divorce?
The end of a relationship brings a great deal of change.  Whereas in the past, parties have been working together to shore up their assets, pay down their debts, and plan for the future, a divorce means that they will need to move forward into a “new normal” that will include working alone for the same goals.  During a divorce, the court will make an equitable distribution of the parties’...
Blended Families and Wills
It is common knowledge that divorce is an everyday occurrence in the United States, and New Jersey is no exception.  Although divorce is a sad and difficult event, it is also common for divorced parties to move on and remarry.  While some of these remarriages will involve only adults, it is also common for one or both of the new spouses to have minor children from a prior marriage.  There...
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