Grandparents’ Rights
Ask any grandparent, and they will tell you that having a grandchild is one of the most exciting and fulfilling stages of life.  Playing with grandchildren, helping them grow, and providing them with love and support are all central grandparent roles.  In the optimal situation, grandparents and parents get along and cooperate to provide the best possible care for the children.  However, it is the sad reality that there are...
Blended Families and Wills
It is common knowledge that divorce is an everyday occurrence in the United States, and New Jersey is no exception.  Although divorce is a sad and difficult event, it is also common for divorced parties to move on and remarry.  While some of these remarriages will involve only adults, it is also common for one or both of the new spouses to have minor children from a prior marriage.  There...
Co-Parenting With a Narcissist
Parenting can be a very challenging, albeit rewarding, job.  Even when you and the other parent are residing together and have a healthy relationship, parenting your shared children can lead to disagreements.  After a divorce or separation, these disagreements and challenges can be exacerbated, as there are often other lingering issues between the parents that complicate the resolution of these issues.  If you are co-parenting with a narcissist, these complications...
Grandparent Visitation
Having children and raising them to adulthood is a joy and a fulfilling aspect of life.  When your children then have their own children, you can then experience the fun of being a grandparent.  From the perspective of the grandparent’s adult child, it is usually a great thing to be able to see your young child develop a relationship with his or her grandparent.  Making sure a child’s support system...
Family Counseling and Divorce
Divorce is often the most emotionally difficult experience in a person's life.  Whereas you have had years to depend on another person to help shoulder your everyday burdens, a divorce means facing your future without the certainty and stability of the other person's support and feedback.  In addition, divorce impacts not only the spouses but also the children they share.  There are several ways to address the emotional turmoil associated...
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