Tips for Keeping Your Divorce Civil

Few words conjure more images of acrimony and discord than “divorce.”  During a divorce, a relationship that you have built during years or even decades will change fundamentally and forever.  The nature of a divorce proceeding is deeply personal, and you may end up explaining intimate details of your personal life to a divorce judge in order to get your divorce finalized.  Although a divorce can be full of disagreement, resentment, and anger, there are some things you can do to help keep your divorce civil.

One of the most important steps you can take during divorce is to never speak badly to your children about your soon to be former spouse.  During a divorce or custody cases, tempers often run high, and you may be tempted to vent to your children about the case.  Not only can this sort of behavior have a direct and adverse impact on your custody case in front of the judge, once your spouse finds out that you have been speaking negatively about him or her to the children, negative feelings and confrontations are sure to follow.

Another important step is to hire an attorney, even though that may sound counter-intuitive.  Many think that hiring an attorney means that a divorce will be high conflict.  In reality, an attorney can help you to organize your goals, set realistic expectations, and draft enforceable and equitable settlement agreements.  An attorney can communicate with your spouse on your behalf, thereby reducing the amount of conflict with which you must be directly involved.

Third, remember that in a divorce, you need to keep the focus on being “right.”  Many divorce litigants push for a contested hearing, hoping that a judge will take their side and give the spouse a tongue lashing for being “wrong.”  In reality, this rarely happens.  A judge is not interested in telling your spouse about his or her spousal shortcomings.  Keeping your focus on the actual issues, such as division of marital assets or establishing child support, can help make sure you are spending your energy on what matters and keep you from feeling more resentful and angry with your spouse.

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