Articulating Your Values Before Searching for a Child Abuse Defense Attorney

Whenever we need the help of a specialized professional — an accountant, a doctor, an attorney, a home remodeler, etc. — we often have unspoken expectations about the relationship. Obviously, you probably want your attorney to be ethical, experienced, and knowledgeable about how to handle child abuse and neglect allegations.

But what else do you need from the relationship? What could go wrong? In ideal world, what would you like to get out of the relationship?

By taking a few minutes to get a handle on these parameters, you’ll not only be less likely to hire the wrong attorney (for you), but you’ll also be more likely to enjoy smooth sailing with whomever you retain. Here’s a simple “hack” to surface these subtle values. Imagine if you had to ask a friend to find an attorney for you. What instructions would you give him or her? What would you say to do and to avoid doing? For instance:

  • Make sure the attorney has handled dozens of cases like mine successfully;
  • Make sure the lawyer has a State-wide reputation and is a trusted authority.
  • The lawyer’s staff should be friendly, communicative, and “on it.”
  • You should get a good vibe after speaking with the attorney.
  • The attorney should have an impeccable ethical record and should be very smart.

Try this exercise now. Get out a piece of paper, think to yourself, “I would retain any attorney, as long as he or she:” and make a list.

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