Interspousal Gifts
Giving gifts and surprises to our family can be a lot of fun both for the giver and the family member receiving the gift.  These gifts can range from a small token up to a lavish gift such as a new car.  When a relationship falls apart, one of the issues in almost every divorce is that of property division.  If you and your spouse have exchanged gifts during the...
What Does Equitable Distribution Mean?
There are many working parts to a divorce.  No doubt, you and your family attorney have discussed the different elements of your divorce, which may include a variety of issues ranging from child support to spousal maintenance.  One issue that is likely at the center of your divorce is property division. New Jersey is what is called an “equitable distribution” state when it comes to dividing property during a divorce. ...
Financial Focuses for Your Uncontested Divorce
Making the decision to move forward with your divorce can be complicated and involves many moving parts.  Although some divorces can be highly contested, there are many situations in which spouses can work together to resolve their issues and complete an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces allow the parties to come to solutions that are tailor-made for their situation and their family.  Uncontested divorce can definitely be a good solution for...
Do I Need a Temporary Order?
The beginning of a divorce is a tumultuous time.  You and your soon-to-be-former spouse will need to make a lot of adjustments, including dividing property, making decisions about who will pay which bills, finding a new house, and discussing a division of parenting time.  In many cases, parties are able to come to an agreement about how issues should be handled during the pendency of the divorce.  Unfortunately, the very...
Proving Pre-Marital Value of a Business
Millions of Americans own their own business.  Small businesses form an important and essential sector of the American economy.  It is not uncommon for everyone in the family to work at the business for years or even their entire lifetime.  The children of the business owners and even the children’s children may make a career out of building the business and helping it to thrive.  When those children get married,...
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