Presumed Father – My Wife Got Pregnant During Our Divorce
Having a child with your spouse is a joyous time.  Raising your child, watching him grow, and teaching him new skills are some of life’s greatest treasures.  Unfortunately, not all marriages last forever, despite your growing family.  Divorces are not usually a quick or straightforward process, and your wife may have already moved on to a new paramour before the divorce is final.  If your wife gets pregnant before your...
Serving an Absent Party
The end of a marriage or long term relationship is a difficult time for both sides.  In most cases, one of the first steps taken by the spouses or partners is to establish two separate households.  After this physical separation, the parties may keep in contact, especially if they share children, but in some cases, the parties may lose touch.  When this happens before the divorce or custody action has...
What is “Burden of Proof” and Why Does It Matter In My Divorce?
Civil cases have many rules and procedures.  Family law cases are no exception to this, and when seeking a divorce, understanding these rules can be the difference between an efficient and easy uncontested divorce or having to return to court several times to receive a final hearing.  For example, making sure the other party has been properly served with the initial divorce pleadings is an absolute necessity to moving your...
Why Does My Signed Agreement Need to Be Part of a Court Order?
Moving forward with a family law dispute is never easy.  Divorce, custody, or even stand-alone child support cases usually signal a fundamental change in the life of the parties.  In recent years, there has been a strong movement toward resolving cases out of court, and family law is no exception.  Settling your case before you have to go to a final hearing has many advantages.  You can tailor-make an order...
Choosing the Right Witnesses for Your Divorce
Deciding to get a divorce is a very difficult decision. You have likely spent countless hours trying to decide whether to go through with the decision and once you decided you have, deciding the appropriate timing.  Hiring an attorney, gathering evidence, and helping your attorney with strategy planning are just a few of the tasks that are important leading up to your divorce hearing.  Another essential step is choosing the...
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