New Jersey Custody: Knowing and Using Your Rights

New Jersey Custody: Knowing and Using Your RightsThe Benefits of Custody

Custody gives you specific rights. Physical custody gives you the right to live with and care for your child on a day-to-day basis. Legal custody gives you the right to make important decisions about your child. These rights are important because they help you care for your child. Thus, understanding them and knowing how to use them is the key to protecting your child’s best interests no matter the odds.

A New Jersey custody order is more than just a piece of paper. It’s a legally enforceable court-issued order. Not only does it give you rights to care for your child, but it also gives you options if anyone tries to interfere with those rights. It gives you the legal power to protect your child, and that’s why custody is so crucial. Without it, you might not have control over whom your child lives with or be able to make decisions about their upbringing.

When New Jersey Custody Matters

When parents can cooperate and agree, custodial rights are less relevant. Amicable co-parents might not need to turn to the court or law enforcement to make sure their child is safe from harm.

But when parents cannot agree on issues involving their child, those rights are critical. What would you do if the other parent allowed a dangerous person to act as a caregiver for your child? And how can you make sure your child is well taken care of when in the care of the other parent? The answers to these questions depend, in part, on your custodial or parenting time rights.

How Rights Can Help

Being a parent is challenging, even more so when you have another parent you have to work with to raise your child. Making sure you have the rights you need to protect your child is an important part of making the challenge of parenting work, but many New Jersey parents do not have custodial rights. Custodial rights matter because as your child grows, his or her needs can change. Having custodial rights is one way to ensure your child’s needs are always met.

Work with a savvy New Jersey custody attorney if you are seeking custody or enforcement of a custody order. It’s important to defend your custodial rights because you may need them to protect your child one day. An attorney can explain how you can get a New Jersey custody order that’s in your child’s best interests.

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