Life After Divorce: Making Decisions That Define Your Future

Life After Divorce: Making Decisions That Define Your FutureFacing Life After Divorce


For some, divorce ends up being a fight to the death for things you don’t even care about. Many spouses fall into the trap of bitter courtroom battles where the goal is emotional revenge when it should be emotional renewal. But defining a better life after divorce may not be your top concern when faced with a spouse who wants to take the kids, the house, and all the money. You might just be reacting at the moment to your current stressors, a sure fire way to be disappointed with the outcome of your divorce. Defining a better future for you is possible in divorce, but it requires making careful—and self-centered—decisions.

Defining Life After Divorce With Decisions

Focusing on the present with your mind on the future is challenging, especially in the midst of a divorce. The best way to ensure you make good decisions in your divorce is to work closely with a divorce attorney. Although you can still make your own decisions when working with an attorney, your attorney can make sure your decisions are legally sound. Ultimately, this will save you time and money down the road and peace of mind at present.

Once you have a legal sounding board to get good feedback from, it’s time to think about what you want. Every divorce is unique. Without question, divorce is one of the most individualized legal actions possible. Your family is changing, and the court has to approve how you decide it changes. At first, this can seem impersonal, but here are a few pieces of advice that can help you get through it without serious decision fatigue.

Making Legally Sound Decisions

The New Jersey family law courts will have to approve of certain decisions in your case, even if you and your spouse agree on them. In matters involving spousal support (i.e. alimony) and property division, the court wants to ensure neither spouse is unfairly treated. When it comes to child custody and child support, however, the court’s primary concern is the child’s best interests. So, rest assured you do have a quality assurance checkpoint (i.e. the judge), but that doesn’t mean you should let the judge decide everything. Rather, work with an attorney to make decisions that will impact your future that the judge is likely to approve.

Also, don’t forget that your life is changing dramatically. The thought of sharing custody of your child or saying goodbye to certain things may be intimidating, but it’s for the best. Your child deserves time with both parents; you deserve some time when you’re not the sole caregiver. Likewise, making a fresh start entails separating from your spouse physically, emotionally, and financially, all of which require a clean and fair asset division.

Be Deliberate

Lastly, while you should work with an attorney to make important decisions, take enough time to make them. Hasty decisions in a divorce aren’t always fruitful. The divorce process in New Jersey is flexible in that it allows both spouses time to think about each other’s demands and respond to them thoughtfully.

Consult with a New Jersey divorce attorney if you are facing divorce in New Jersey. You’ll want to at least consult with an attorney at the start of your divorce to learn about the process. Having an attorney assist you with your divorce will be invaluable, as long as it’s the right attorney. Consult with a few and find one that makes you feel advocated for, legally protected, and, most importantly, empowered.

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