How a Cooperative Divorce Can Make Your Life Easier

How a Cooperative Divorce Can Make Your Life EasierThe Elusive Cooperative Divorce


Coming together to agree on how to split apart can be challenging for any couple. Some decisions are just hard to make and others you might not want to make. But in New Jersey, you must resolve several issues before the judge can finalize your divorce. That said, the decision to cooperate or not cooperate could impact your divorce. The more you cooperate, the more quickly you can divorce. The less you cooperate, the fewer issues you’ll be able to resolve, and your divorce can take longer and cost more as a result. To give you an idea of how cooperation can impact your divorce, here are some common scenarios that require cooperation and what happens if you don’t.

Property Division

Dividing your property, debts, and belongings is a very personal endeavor you may have strong feelings about. Do you want a judge deciding who gets what? Most couples answer NO but don’t make the connection that, unless they work toward a cooperative divorce, that’s exactly what will happen. In most cases, both spouses must cooperate to execute a fair property division, which is easily one of the most contentious aspects of divorce.

Custody and Parenting Time

Figuring out a custody and parenting time schedule that is in the child’s best interests requires the parents to cooperate. When they don’t, not only can they end up overlooking their child’s needs, but also they set themselves up for a conflict-heavy co-parenting relationship. When it comes to matters involving children, you should get in the cooperative divorce mindset to benefit your child.

Cooperative Negotiations

Divorce negotiations often take months wherein the spouses and their attorneys work back and forth to negotiate and settle the terms and conditions of the divorce. This is an ideal time to use cooperative divorce skills. The less cooperative you are, the longer negotiations will take and the less likely they will be a success. Thus, your divorce will take longer and cost more. Don’t make the mistake of thinking negotiations are just a game of who can wait it out the longest. Be proactive by working with your attorney to decide what you can agree on and what you need to say no to.

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