Facing Divorce in New Jersey? 5 Ways to Take the Higher Ground

Facing Divorce in New Jersey? 5 Ways to Take the Higher GroundStaying Civil in Divorce


If you’re going through a divorce in New Jersey, you might have some concerns. Many people are chiefly concerned with doing whatever it takes to get back at their spouse. Indeed, revenge litigation is one of the most common reasons why people hire divorce lawyers. But the best way to be satisfied with your divorce is to take the higher ground. This involves being fair but firm in asking for what you want and what’s best for your child.

Sidestepping divorce drama is best for both you and your child. You can take the higher ground during your divorce in New Jersey by following these simple steps.

Know What You’re Fighting For

Most divorces are adversarial, meaning your spouse is the opposing party. Couples can quickly deplete assets and peace of mind fighting over issues they don’t care about. In divorce, it’s important to keep the argument ethical, civil, and always remember your moral ground. Think about what’s important to you. Is it making sure your child is happy? Ensuring you’ll be able to make ends meet after the divorce? Once you have a clear picture of your priorities, you can work with your attorney more efficiently.

Talk to Custody Professionals

It’s easy for even the most devoted parent to lose sight of what’s best for his or her child in a divorce. Remove your feelings from the situation and consult with a custody professional who can advise you on what’s truly best for your child. A custody or parenting evaluator can help you develop a custody and visitation plan that is in your child’s best interests.

Keep the Peace

A divorce isn’t a marital argument. It’s the dissolution of a legal relationship. Thus, keep negotiations and communications civil and peaceful. If you’re going through a divorce in New Jersey, focus on the outcome of the divorce, not the cause for it. Making petty remarks or fueling the fight won’t help. If you’re working with an attorney, you might not have to speak with your spouse at all. Many spouses want the separation from dealing with their spouse during the divorce, and an attorney can provide that.

Be Fair

It’s rare for a spouse to get everything they want in a divorce, especially when kids are involved. Understand that you might have to compromise on some issues like your parenting plan or asset division. Being willing to flex on the less important aspects of your divorce will save you time, money, and stress.

Onward and Upward

Try your best to move on with your head held high. Divorce is very common; you are joining the ranks of many who went through similar ordeals and made it out OK. Clinging to your principals or refusing to negotiate can make moving on that much harder.

Our firm receives many calls from people wanting to know how they can get what they want in their divorce. Hiring a New Jersey divorce lawyer is indeed the best way to get an outcome you are happy with. But every divorce is unique and will present different challenges. Speak with a seasoned New Jersey divorce lawyer if you want to get the best outcome possible. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your case and help you navigate the New Jersey divorce process, so you get the outcome you want.

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