10 Things to Know Before Filing for Divorce in New Jersey

10 Things to Know Before Filing for Divorce in New JerseyThinking of filing for divorce in New Jersey? Before you do, make sure you learn about the process before you make any important decisions. You need to know how to look out for your best interests to get an outcome you are happy with. To guide you in doing that, here are ten things you should know before you file for divorce.

You Have Control

You are at least partially in control of how long your divorce takes and how much it costs. If you and your spouse can agree on all the terms of your divorce, you can divorce very quickly and cost-effectively. Use this as motivation when attempting negotiations with your spouse.

You Have Options

Dragging your spouse through court isn’t the only way to get divorced in New Jersey. Explore mediation and collaborative divorce before resorting to litigation.

The Truth Always Comes Out

Some spouses think they can gain the upper hand in their divorce by lying. Spouses may hide assets, say their spouse is an unfit parent, or otherwise present a false reality to the court. Whenever you are tempted to stretch the truth, remember that your dishonesty will come out eventually. And, when it does, the court can impose sanctions, so it’s not worth it.

Divorce Isn’t About Win or Lose

Think you’ll get everything you want in the divorce? Think again. No matter how good your attorney is, rarely does one spouse walk away with everything. Instead, expect to sacrifice a few wants for things you need. If you head into your divorce intent on getting what you want at all costs, your divorce can take longer and cost more.

It Doesn’t Necessarily Matter Who’s to Blame

The court typically won’t consider who is to blame for the dissolution of the marriage when awarding assets or calculating alimony. Many courts view the dissolution of a marriage as an outcome for which both spouses are partially accountable. They do not rely solely on the wrongdoings of the spouses when making decisions.

You Have to Be Decisive

Some spouses are surprised at the scope of divorce judgments and don’t realize just how many details they must iron out before their divorce can finalize. Unless you want the court to decide on all these matters, which will take time and cost money, you will have to make some of those decisions yourself. What’s more, you and your spouse will have to agree.

It’s Just Business

The courts view divorce as the end of a legal relationship, much like the end of a business partnership. It’s best to set aside your emotions during this time to make sure you can make reasonable and level-headed decisions. You are essentially divesting yourself from your marriage. You need to look out for your best interests emotionally and financially.

Divorces Can Get Very Ugly

Contentious divorces can take upwards of a year and cost tens of thousands of dollars. They can rob both spouses of their energy and peace of mind. But this often occurs when spouses can’t agree on anything or intentionally make things difficult. The more you cooperate and compromise, the easier the process will be.

You Could Have to Go Back to Court

If you miss a small detail such as who gets the dependency claim on taxes, you’ll either lose money or have to go back to court. Be thorough the first time around to catch oversights. The more detailed your divorce judgment, the less your chance of having to go back to court to resolve future issues.

Don’t Go it Alone

Don’t handle your divorce on your own. The personal and emotional nature of marriage coupled with the need to be business-minded makes for a volatile combination. If you are filing for divorce in New Jersey, work with an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney from the start. Doing so can save you time and money. An attorney will know how to get everything you deserve as efficiently as possible.

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