What Is a Paramour?

What Is a Paramour?

When the Perpetrator is a Paramour

In family law, a paramour is defined as a romantic partner of a parent, typically a single parent. Paramours can play significant roles in family law cases, including those involving the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P). In a disproportionate number of child abuse cases, paramours were responsible for serious injuries and deaths. For this reason, the DCP&P takes extra precaution to thoroughly investigate referrals of abuse involving a parent’s paramour. Let’s take a look at how caseworkers respond to referrals involving paramours.

The Initial Steps

The DCP&P will first conduct a criminal background check on the paramour. Next, investigating caseworkers assess the involvement of the paramour in the family’s life. This is a key step, as the level of the paramour’s involvement will influence the safety and case plans. For example, if the paramour was not involved in the family’s life and had little prior contact with the child, the parent may have to promise to keep the paramour away from the home. Conversely, different steps may be required to keep the child safe if the paramour had been a live-in partner and involved in caretaking. To assess the level of involvement of the paramour, caseworkers may seek information from the parent, family members, neighbors, school staff, and others who are familiar with the family.

The Role of Law Enforcement

Also, law enforcement is more likely to become involved in cases involving paramours, especially if the paramour lacks the legal rights of a parent. For example, if the paramour denied caseworkers access to the child for questioning, caseworkers would have to first seek help from law enforcement, not the court.

If you or your partner is facing child abuse allegations, it’s crucial you seek legal advice. Discuss the facts and circumstances of your case with a knowledgeable New Jersey child abuse defense attorney. An attorney can evaluate your case and advise you on how to best respond to the allegations. It’s important to learn about what elements the DCP&P will be trying to prove so you can better understand what you are up against.

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