Understanding the Significance of Your Right to an Attorney

Understanding the Significance of Your Right to an AttorneyA Crucial Right

Most people know they have a right to an attorney when facing certain court proceedings. For example, you have a right to an attorney when being charged with a crime. You also have a right to an attorney whenever facing proceedings about your child’s placement or your parental rights. Most people also know how expensive attorneys can be, and many try to handle their cases on their own for this reason.

Applying the Law

While attorneys may be expensive, they can often increase your chance of getting the outcome you want and deserve. Unfortunately, our legal system is not user-friendly. Legal language can be vague. This gives laws the flexibility to cover a range of situations but also means they can be applied and interpreted in different ways. Certain facts can also affect how the law is applied in a particular case. This is one of the reasons why attorneys often say that every case is different. Clearly, having an attorney who knows how the law will be applied help you can be a significant advantage.

The Art of Argument

The other thing an attorney can do that you might not be able to do for yourself is present a compelling argument to the court. A good argument can result in a more favorable decision by the judge. A legal argument, however, is not like the typical arguments you may have. Legal arguments must follow certain general rules and must be presented in a certain way. They should also contain only information that will help you and omit information that will not help you. Attorneys learn how to present legal arguments in law school. And, if you work with an experienced attorney, he or she will know how to best argue in your particular case.

You are granted a right to an attorney for a good reason. Laws can be complicated and not straightforward. It is also a special skill to be able to make a strong legal argument. Most people, no matter their education level or profession, won’t be able to maximize their chance of a favorable outcome without the help of an attorney. If you are facing court proceedings having to do with your child’s placement or your parental rights, the stakes are very high. Even if you think you can’t afford an attorney, you should at least consult with one who can give you information about how the proceedings will work and where you can go for help.

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