Surrender of Custody: Mediating for Your Child’s Best Interests

Surrender of Custody: Mediating for Your Child’s Best InterestsThe Benefits of Mediation in Surrender of Custody Cases

Surrender of custody is the voluntarily surrender of all parental rights by a birth parent or someone else with the rights to do so. Surrendering custody is never an easy decision. Unfortunately, many parents feel like it’s their only option. Often, they think they’re being forced to give up on their child. And involving the court only amplifies the feeling of callousness. Fortunately, mediation can be helpful in surrender of custody cases, and here’s why.

Why Mediation Is Different From Courtroom Actions

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR methods help people resolve issues without asking the court to decide. Mediation is particularly well suited for matters involving children. It provides parents and other interested parties the forum in which to make decisions in the child’s best interests. In handling matters as sensitive as a surrender of custody, mediation can make the process easier and ease some of the burdens on the parent.

The Nature of Mediation

Mediation allows those more emotionally involved in the case— the parents—to speak their minds and share their story. What is shared in mediation is typically protected by confidentiality agreements. Taking such a matter to court doesn’t necessarily allow room to address the psychological and social underpinnings in child welfare cases. Also, the timeline of litigation is affected by frequent delays in court proceedings. Ultimately, mediation allows for a quicker and more private resolution of these very sensitive issues.

An Important Decision

When it comes to the surrender of custody, the decision made must be in the best interests of the child in question. The ramifications of surrendering parental rights are serious and lasting. Parents often need professional legal guidance during the process. It’s essential that they are aware of all their options and are confident in their decision.

The stakes are high, so you should never face such a decision on your own. An experienced New Jersey parental rights defense attorney can help you explore your options. An attorney can also help you navigate the process from start to finish while defending your rights. Mediation can be a more compassionate way to address parental rights issues. An attorney can help facilitate your mediation to give you peace of mind.

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