Questions Your Divorce Attorney Will Ask You

Questions Your Divorce Attorney Will Ask You


Questions A Divorce Attorney Will Ask

If you are facing divorce for the first time, you might be feeling overwhelmed. The number of decisions you need to make can be staggering, especially for someone who is going through emotional turmoil. Having an attorney help you with your divorce can significantly reduce the burden on you, but you will need to provide your attorney with a lot of information so he or she can handle things for you. Coming to the table prepared can save you time and money, but you need to know what kind of questions he or she will ask you. The list below isn’t exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of the kind of questions you might be asked in the first meeting.

  • Why do you want to dissolve your marriage? On what grounds do you want to file for divorce? (it’s OK if you’re not sure at this point)
  • What was the date and place of your marriage?
  • What are the names and ages of your children? Where do they live, and what type of custody arrangement do you want?
  • Where do you live, and do you want to stay in the family home?
  • Are you employed, and do you have plans for going back to school or job training after the divorce?
  • Is your spouse employed, and does he or she have plans for school or training after the divorce?
  • Do you want alimony, or does your spouse want alimony?
  • Have you been served with divorce papers yet?
  • Does your spouse have an attorney? If so, you will be asked for his or her contact information.

Your attorney will also ask you about your finances. These questions can easily take up the bulk of your meeting. Expect to be asked:

  • What is your income? What is your spouse’s income?
  • What are your assets?
  • What are your debts?
  • What type of retirement plans/pensions do you have?
  • Do you have investments? If so, what are they?
  • Do you have child support or alimony obligations from a previous marriage?
  • Are you involved in any lawsuits?

Every divorce is different, and your attorney may need to ask for more information depending on the complexity of your case. And, expect to be called on to provide records pertaining to all the above questions. It’s OK if you need some time to gather complete records. You should also come prepared to ask some questions of your own regarding his or her billing practices, who will be working on your case, and the approach he or she recommends (i.e. litigation, mediation), among other things.

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