Purposeful Parenting Plans

Purposeful Parenting Plans


Planning With a Purpose

Developing a parenting plan is one of the most difficult things to do as a parent. The term “parenting plan” tends to imply it is a plan that you have to follow while raising your child. In actuality, parenting plans are more than that. Parenting plans can be a flexible set of guidelines for parenting. With such guidelines in place, you and the other parent can experience less conflict. Parenting plans do not have to be exhaustive and list everything you should and should not do. Rather, parenting plans can be purposeful and designed to meet the unique needs of your family unit.

Purposeful parenting plans provide more than just a plan for parenting; they provide stipulations that will guide you in the challenging endeavor you face. The purpose of the parenting plan is unique to each family. Different families have different needs and thus need tailored parenting plans. Basic parenting plan templates might provide adequate guidance for some families but could leave others in need of more guidance in the face of difficult situations. At the same time, not every family needs a parenting plan that covers every potential point of conflict in the book. For some, this might be too restrictive and could produce more conflict than it resolves. The key here is to strike a balance between unreasonable restraints and informed guidance.

So, how do you create a purposeful parenting plan that is right for your family? Knowing where you might need guidance down the road is a good place to start. This will take knowing where you and the other parent need help and where you are able to negotiate agreements amicably. Sit down with a trusted custody attorney if you have questions about what your parenting plan should include. From there, you can craft a plan that meets your needs in a purposeful way without being too restrictive. Remember; if you cannot make your parenting plan work, you could end up in court. A judge will only grant a modification if you can demonstrate a significant change in circumstances, not just because you can’t make your plan work. For this reason, it is a wise investment to work with an attorney on creating a purposeful parenting plan from the start.

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