Protecting Your Child During Divorce Proceedings

Extra Protection During a Difficult Time


Divorce can tear families apart. Contested divorces, in particular, can be emotionally devastating for both parents and children. Children can struggle with seeing their parents fight in court, but there are measures you can take to protect your child during divorce proceedings.


During a divorce, you may need to protect your child from many things. For instance, your feelings toward your spouse can influence how your child views the other parent. Similarly, your spouse’s treatment toward you may cause your child some distress. Both of these factors can contribute to parental alienation, which is when a child turns against one parent. But you and your spouse aren’t the only potential contributors of negativity you need to protect your child from. A custody arrangement or parenting time schedule that doesn’t work for your family may cause your child to struggle with the adjustment. If you and your spouse cannot agree on these matters, you may need to mediate or take it to court. Custody is one of the most important parts of your divorce. Who your child will live and spend time with will affect his or her life significantly for years to come. That being said, it is crucial you ensure the custody arrangement and parenting plan is truly in your child’s best interests. Protecting him or her from a detrimental custody arrangement should be your top priority.


You may also need to protect your child from neglect or abuse. It is not uncommon for children to be subject to unsafe environments during a divorce. Many factors can contribute to an unsafe environment, such as an emotionally abusive parent or new partner. If you are concerned about the other parent having custody, you may want to work with a custody evaluator or a guardian ad litem to ensure you have a third party opinion on the matter. But first, consult with an experienced New Jersey custody attorney if you have any questions or concerns about protecting your child during divorce proceedings. This is a crucial time for your child, and that makes it all the more important you are aware of the risks and can protect your child from them.


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