Leveraging Gender: The Advantage of All-Female Firms in Family Law

Leveraging Gender: The Advantage of All-Female Firms in Family Law



Closing the Gender Gap


In a traditionally male-dominated field, female attorneys have come a remarkably long way. Gender bias and patriarchy have plagued women in law for several decades, making it difficult for female attorneys to feel like they are treated as equals and strike a balance between work and home life. Family law, however, is one field where female attorneys enjoy a unique and well-deserved advantage.

The Williams Law Group’s founding attorney Allison Williams, along with select other prominent female law firm founders, was recently interviewed on the subject by Diana Shepherd, divorce financial analysis and editorial director of Family Lawyer Magazine. The article, entitled “Women of Influence,” took a look at the role of female attorneys in family law practice today. Ms. Williams had some interesting insight into why she feels her all-female firm has been so successful.

Feminine Influence

Despite having to work hard in the face of adversity, Allison Williams’ all-female law firm relies on the strength and support of the team to be successful. The collaborative and cooperative environment that The Williams Law Group and other all-female firms like it foster puts them at a distinct advantage over other firms practicing in the family law field, Ms. Williams claims. Feminine attributes, such as the tendency to share ideas and seek consensus, can be leveraged particularly well in family law, where clients naturally seek a closer connection with their counsel. And, as family law matters are by their very nature personal, all-female firms tend to enrich the clients’ experiences and leave them with a higher level of satisfaction.

Supporting Professional Success

Aside from the benefits the client enjoys, Ms. Williams argues all-female firms are also a place where female attorneys can lift each other up, where “the attorneys can be vocal about their own successes and promote their own advancement” without having to weather male dominance and patriarchal resistance. To Allison Williams, this makes all the difference for her all-female law firm dedicated to matrimonial, child custody and family law matters. The Williams Law Group also utilizes mentoring as a way of encouraging success among the practice’s attorneys. Mentoring provides the senior attorneys a chance to influence the younger generations of female attorneys so they can continue to blaze trails in the field of family law for years to come.

Family law matters can be overwhelming, especially when you consider what is at stake. When it comes matters such as divorce and child custody, finding the right attorney can make a significant difference in how well you can cope with the stresses of family law litigation. You should find an attorney who makes you feel comfortable and can give you the support and guidance you need throughout your case. As attorney Allison Williams has pointed out, emotional sensitivity and supportive camaraderie are common traits in successful all-female family law firms and for a good reason. In the face of family law litigation, clients often need an emotionally intelligent attorney who can provide them support and show concern for their well being. If these are qualities you want in an attorney, contact the Williams Law Group, LLC today, and we can connect you with a dedicated family law attorney who can protect your best interests.


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