How the Details of Your Divorce Can Affect Custody

Divorce and Custody

Relatively few parents can agree on custody and parenting time during a divorce. In fact, these are some of the most contested issues in divorce. Custody also tends to be one of the most complex parts of a divorce. Because of this, many factors will influence custody in a divorce. Among these are the details of the divorce itself.

In a divorce, the judge will make a decision on custody that is in the best interests of the child. The same factors used to determine custody in custody actions are the same as they are in divorce cases. In a divorce case, however, many of these factors are already under scrutiny by the court, such as:

  • Who stays in the family home
  • Whether domestic violence is an issue
  • The stability of each household
  • The current mental health of each parent
  • How much time either parent has spent with the child in the past and currently
  • The ability of either parent to meet the child’s needs

These kinds of issues can affect custody in a divorce because they can greatly affect the health and well-being of the child. If you are concerned about custody, you may want to talk with an experienced New Jersey matrimonial and child custody attorney. Every divorce is unique and may present different issues that can affect custody. An attorney can evaluate your case and identify what details of your divorce may affect custody and what you can do to minimize their influence. For example, it is important you spend as much time as possible with your child during the divorce. This can be difficult, especially if the other parent is trying to stop you. To help ensure the custody determination is in your favor, an attorney can help you get the parenting time you deserve. Custody is one of the most important parts of your divorce, and your interests will be best served by an attorney with both divorce and child custody experience. Such an attorney will be able to understand how the details of your divorce can affect custody and work to advocate on your behalf in both the divorce and the custody matter.


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