Complex Cases: When to Hire an Aggressive Attorney

Complex Cases: When to Hire an Aggressive Attorney


When Divorce is Difficult


Divorce is never easy, but certain circumstances can significantly complicate divorce proceedings. Complex divorces tend to take longer, cost more, and take a greater emotional toll on the family. In these cases, hiring an experienced attorney can save you some time, money, and stress. Many divorce attorneys represent themselves as being aggressive, but not all divorce cases require aggressive litigation tactics. Aggressive attorneys are useful, however, in complex divorce cases. In such cases, an aggressive attorney will know how to navigate through your divorce case efficiently and effectively, which can result in a better outcome sooner than you’d expect.

Not all divorces are complex. When spouses can agree on all the important issues, an aggressive attorney may not be necessary. Such an attorney may be necessary, however, if any of the following issues are involved:

The more complex a divorce is, the greater the need is for an aggressive attorney because it can easily be overwhelming to face such issues on your own. Knowing what your rights are and how to defend them is difficult, especially if you are coping with the emotional effects of the breakup itself. While you may be hesitant to hire an aggressive attorney, it is important to understand that aggressive doesn’t necessarily mean they have an aggressive attitude or are unfeeling. Aggressive attorneys zealously pursue your interests and yours alone. They are more likely to fervently seek the outcome you want and will be less likely to settle. When it comes to divorce, aggression has more to do with persistence, tenacity, and advocacy than it does with temperament and demeanor. And, if your case involves one or more of the above-mentioned complex issues, you will want to find an attorney who can pledge you all these traits and more.

Speak with an experienced New Jersey matrimonial attorney if your divorce involves any of the above complicating issues. It is important to take all the right steps from the beginning to ensure your divorce goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible while minimizing your stress. A knowledgeable attorney can guide you through the process, serving as your advocate every step of the way. Perhaps more importantly, an aggressive attorney can pursue your interests and work hard to get you the outcome you want and you deserve.


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