Can I Still Access My Child’s Records if I Lose Custody?

Can I Still Access My Child’s Records if I Lose Custody?Staying Involved


Having custody of your child gives you certain rights. Physical custody gives you the right to live with your child. Legal custody gives you the right to make important decisions about your child’s education, medical care, and other major issues. Losing custody does not mean your parental rights are terminated. It can mean, however, that your involvement in your child’s life could be limited in some ways. But even if a parent loses custody, he or she can still access the child’s records. These can include but are not limited to school records, medical records, and child care records.

Accessing Important Information About Your Child

It is important for both parents to be able to access a child’s records. A parent with legal custody needs access to the child’s records so he or she can make educated decisions about the child’s life. Legal custody is often shared so both parents can be involved in the decision making. Even if a parent does not have legal custody, accessing pertinent records about the child can be important to the parent. Staying involved in your child’s life, regardless of custody, is important. One way you can do this is stay informed of your child’s health and moral well being.

When Record Access Is Limited

A non-custodial parent’s access to certain records can be limited if the custody order specifies any limitations. For example, a custodial parent may ask the judge to include in the custody order a restriction on the non-custodial parent’s access to medical records. A judge may grant this request if he or she has reason to believe it would harm the child to let the non-custodial parent access the records. The judge will only restrict records access if it would benefit the child. If you are concerned about losing your right to access your child’s records, you should speak with an experienced New Jersey custody attorney. Losing custody does not mean you lose your parental rights. It is important you exercise your rights so you can stay involved in your child’s life in any way you can. An experienced attorney can advise you of all your rights and help you defend them.


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