Can I Get Temporary Support Orders During a Divorce?

Interim Orders


Contested divorce proceedings can easily take months or even years. During this time, your financial future may be uncertain, but you may be more concerned about your financial present. If you have separated from your spouse and are living in separate houses but are not yet divorced, you may be trying to make your usual income stretch across two households. Divorce creates new expenses, such as the costs of one spouse moving out and your legal fees. Fortunately, you may be able to get temporary financial support orders while your divorce is pending.


Temporary orders, also called pendent lite orders if issued during a divorce, can be obtained by either reaching an agreement with your spouse or by filing a motion with the court. This temporary support lasts only until the divorce is finalized, at which point final orders may be put in place. You can ask for both temporary child support and alimony. You can also request your spouse pay for your healthcare coverage. Usually, the marital standard of living, or marital status quo, will be a guiding factor when determining a temporary alimony amount. This is the standard of living you and your spouse enjoyed during the marriage. You may also be able to include in the motion a request for certain assets or belongings. Temporary child support will be calculated much like a final child support amount will be. You can also get a temporary custody arrangement that will give you and the other parents guidelines for parenting while the divorce is pending. You don’t need to have a temporary custody arrangement, but it can help ensure your rights as a parent are protected.


Speak with an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney if you need to file a motion for temporary financial support while your divorce is pending. It is important that you can meet your basic living expenses in the meantime, especially if you have a child to support. If you and your spouse do not agree on the temporary support, you will need to ask the judge to issue an order. This can be a complicated process and may take several weeks. An attorney will help you file a motion for temporary orders while your divorce is pending so you can get all the relief you are entitled to, allowing you to meet your basic living expenses and support your child.


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