Can Children Grow Out of Their Parenting Plan?

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Can Children Grow Out of Their Parenting Plan?

Parenting plans are not one size fits all nor are they set in stone. A parenting plan is a set of guidelines, which can vary from being very general to specific, for raising a child that both parents will follow. But children are dynamic, and as they grow, the guidelines for parenting should change. The child’s needs when he or she was a toddler will differ from the needs of a teen. To remedy this issue, you can seek a parenting plan modification as circumstances change so the plan can continue to meet your child’s needs.

To modify an existing parenting plan, you will need to involve the court, so it is legally enforceable. Even if you both agree on the changes you want to be made, I’d still recommend asking the court to grant the modification to protect both your rights

The court will grant a modification when there has been a significant change in circumstances. That change in circumstances can be as simple as your child’s needs changing as he or she ages. As your child ages, his or her needs for parental involvement, medical care, education, and enrichment change. These important issues should be addressed in the parenting plan.

You don’t have to wait until conflict arises to modify your parenting plan, but far too many parents take this route to avoid the cost and time it takes to take the matter to court. If you wait until you have a major conflict, however, the issue could be more expensive to resolve, and your child can suffer as a result of the tension and animosity.

You may ask the court to modify your existing parenting plan as long as circumstances have changed. Your child growing out of your plan is a good reason for a modification. Speak with an experienced attorney about parenting plan modifications if your plan needs updating. Your parenting plan should meet your child’s needs by providing you with appropriate guidelines for parenting. A New Jersey child custody attorney can help you determine whether your plan needs a modification and what changes should be made to better meet the needs of your child.

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