Can an Overworked Psychologist Be Objective and Fair?

The division likes to speed up and rush the process. To that end, it often limits how much time the psychologist spends with patients. It is not uncommon, for instance, for the psychologist to only spend 30 minutes interviewing each patient! Meanwhile, the psychologist may administer a variety of tests, which can be interpreted in diverse ways. The division often rushes the report-writing process, as well. For instance, a psychologist might meet with you on a Monday and have to prepare a report for the court about you by Wednesday.

Many psychologists genuinely want to help and get to the truth of a given situation. But how well can you really come to understand a complex human being in 30 minutes?

Your attorney should scrutinize the report and thoroughly cross-examine the psychologist:

How long did the psychologist give you to take various tests?

  • What are the shortcomings of these tests? What are alternative interpretations?
  • How long was the interview?
  • How long did the psychologist take to write the report?
  • Etc.

Your attorney may be able to highlight biases or expose vague or unsupported conclusions. A thin, shallow, inaccurate analysis of your personality or of a reaction you had to an event or to some arbitrary test should not be permitted as evidence against you.

Before meeting with the psychologist, work with your attorney to come up with a game plan. Obviously, you don’t want to lie or behave in an uncivil fashion. Be authentic, and demonstrate your compassion and empathy. You have nothing to hide, since the charges against you are exaggerated or untrue altogether. But you must be strategic in how you present information once the Court is involved.

Meeting with a psychologist is not the same as getting interrogated by the CIA. However, you still want to parse your words carefully and come across as your best self. Dress appropriately, and make sure you shower and get enough sleep and enough to eat before the appointment.

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