Should You Keep Your Ex-Husband’s Name After A Divorce?

Should You Keep Your Ex-Husband’s Name After A Divorce?Women often take their husband’s last name after getting married. But, what happens in the event of a divorce? It is ultimately up to the woman to decide whether they want to keep their ex-husband’s name or change it back to their maiden name after a divorce. Here are a few things to consider when making this decision:

Your Career

Do your colleagues know you by your maiden or married name? Changing your name could confuse colleagues and customers who know you solely by your married name. This is especially true if your married name is incorporated into the name of your business. To avoid confusion, it’s best to keep your married name.

Your Children

Many women choose to hold onto their married name after a divorce because of their children. Sharing the same last name can make women feel more connected to their children. It can also provide a sense of stability for younger children who will not understand why their mother has a different last name.

Length of the Marriage

You should also consider the length of your marriage when making this decision. If the marriage was short-lived, it’s possible that no one in your community really knows you by your married name. However, your married name may be the only name people know you by if your marriage lasted for decades. If you are mainly known by your married name, it is easier to hold onto your name instead of changing it back to your maiden name.

Emotional Ties

Are you emotionally tied to your married name? Some women do not want to give up their married name because of the fond memories that are tied to it. On the other hand, there are many women who are eager to drop their married name in order to regain their independence and start a new chapter in their lives. For this reason, it’s best to think about what your married name means to you. If the name stirs up negative emotions, you shouldn’t hold onto it.

The Lengthy Process

Legally changing your name is a hassle. After the change has been approved, it is your responsibility to obtain documents, credit cards, and bank accounts in your new name. This is time-consuming, so many women decide to keep their married name simply so they can avoid this lengthy process altogether.

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