What Is the Child Abuse Registry?

What Is the Child Abuse Registry?Accessing Important Information

Information about child abuse and neglect cases is very valuable. It can prevent future instances of abuse or neglect from occurring and help child welfare agencies provide better services and obtain funding. To keep track of this crucial information, New Jersey maintains a central child abuse registry. The child abuse registry includes the names of people whom the DCP&P has investigated and subsequently ruled on a substantiated finding of abuse or neglect.

The Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) maintains New Jersey’s central registry. The registry includes information about child abuse and neglect cases. This information can be tapped to ensure children in New Jersey who are expected to be put in foster placement or adopted are placed in safe hands. If a potential foster or adoptive parent is on the registry for abusing or neglecting a child, the child can be placed with another family.

In New Jersey, the Child Abuse Record Information (CARI) unit handles requests for child abuse registry information. CARI checks are done when screening potential foster or adoptive parents. Without this crucial information, children could be put in the hands of someone who has abused or neglected a child in the past. The registry itself is confidential and not open to the general public. It can be accessed, however, by certain authorized parties such as employers who are required to run child abuse registry checks on all employees.

Statewide child abuse registries are important because not all cases of child abuse or neglect are criminally prosecuted. This means not all child abusers have a criminal history. Criminal background checks are a standard part of foster and adoptive parent screening, but can only provide information about an applicant’s criminal history. The child abuse registry acts as a supplement to background checks. It also helps law enforcement locate child abusers and protect children from them.

If you are concerned about being included on the child abuse registry, speak to an experienced child welfare attorney about your case. A skilled New Jersey attorney can advise you of your rights, explain what must happen before you are placed on the registry, and recommend options for you such as appealing a substantiated finding of child abuse.

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