What Are Child Protection Investigation Findings?

After the Investigation

Child protection investigations may be conducted after a child abuse or neglect report has been made to the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P), New Jersey’s child welfare agency. The findings of an investigation, that is, the results of the investigation, are used to assess the safety of the child. The findings will also aid DCP&P case workers in putting in place the proper protections for the child or in filing a complaint with the court. Since these findings can cause a parent to lose custody, they are a very important part of a child welfare case. Thus, the child’s parent or caretaker has a right to know what these findings are and will be given an explanation of the findings once the agency concludes the investigation.

The findings from a child protection investigation can also assist the court with making a decision about the placement of the child if the DCP&P files a guardianship complaint with the court. If the report of abuse is supported by the investigation findings, action will be taken to either ensure the safety of the child in his or her home or to place the child somewhere else. If the DCP&P decides to not file a complaint, it may create a child protection safety plan that addresses the risks identified in the findings. The safety plan will counteract these risks by ensuring the parents or caretakers reduce or eliminate the risk of harm by taking certain actions or completing certain steps. In both cases, the findings of an investigation are a vital part of a child welfare case and provide the guidelines needed to implement and enforce protections for the child.

The findings of a child protection investigation are very important, especially because they can result in your child being taken from the home. If you are involved in a child protection investigation or have been given notice of the findings from one, you should contact an experienced New Jersey child welfare attorney. The results from an investigation could lead to a series of court hearings to decide what will happen to your child. An attorney can advise you of your rights, explain the findings and what they mean, and help you prepare for the hearings.

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