Securing Healthcare for Foster Children

Securing Healthcare for Foster ChildrenCoverage for Foster Kids

Many children enter the foster care system with medical issues or needs. In fact, almost 90% of children enter the foster care system with physical health issues, 55% have two or more chronic health conditions, and almost 25% have three or more chronic conditions. Because of these statistics, access to medical care is essential to ensure the well being of children placed in foster care. Unfortunately, when children are put in out of home placement, complications can arise regarding treatment coordination and insurance coverage.

To ensure critical access to health care, the vast majority of foster children and youth in the State of New Jersey are covered by Medicaid. The child must have been placed by the DCP&P in an out of home placement such as with a resource (i.e. foster) family, an independent living facility, a shelter, group home, or in a residential placement program to be eligible. Children placed with an adoption subsidy program, kinship legal guardianship subsidy program, or in a Juvenile Justice Commission Facility are not eligible for the Medicaid coverage.

Because continuity of care is important for foster youth of all ages, Medicaid coverage is extended for youths ages 18-20 who are under the care and custody of the DCP&P on their 18th birthday and whose maintenance is paid in part or wholly by public funds. This extended coverage is referred to as Chafee Medicaid. Medicaid coverage terminates once the youth turns 21.

Children entering the foster care system because of abuse or neglect often have significant healthcare needs, both physical and mental. Ensuring every child is given the coverage he or she needs is a group effort. If you are concerned about your child’s well being while he or she is in out of home placement, consider speaking with an experienced New Jersey child welfare and child custody attorney. An attorney can make sure your child has access to the services and support he or she needs to thrive. Foster children are covered by Medicaid, but you might still have some questions about the services your child receives. An attorney can work to ensure your child receives the services he or she needs and help you take positive steps toward reunification.

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