Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing For Divorce

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing For DivorceFiling for divorce is a decision that will affect the rest of your life. It can also lead to changes in your living arrangements, circle of friends, and finances. There’s no question that divorce can impact practically every area of your life, which is why it’s so important to think it through before filing the paperwork. How will you know if you’re ready to file for divorce? Ask yourself these questions:

Have I been under extreme stress lately?

Being under an extreme amount of stress can wear your body and mind down, which can lead to irrational thinking and impulsive actions. Stressful issues related to health, work, or family can also put a strain on your relationship. If you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, it’s probably best to put the thought of divorce on the backburner for now. Wait to see how you feel after the other stressful situations in your life are settled.

What role am I playing in my marriage difficulties?

You may want to place the blame entirely on your spouse, but in most cases, both parties are partially at fault. Take a look in the mirror and figure out if you are contributing to your marital troubles in any way. Then, make an effort to change so you can improve your relationship. Sometimes, this exercise can improve your relationship to the point where you no longer want a divorce.

Have I talked to my spouse about my concerns?

Most marriage counselors would agree that it’s best to talk about your concerns with your spouse prior to filing for divorce. Your spouse may not realize that something is wrong in your relationship until you bring it to his attention. After having this conversation, give your spouse time to prove that he can change. If he is still not making an effort, this tells you that it’s probably time to divorce.

What will my life be like without my spouse?

Take the time to imagine what your life would be like if you were to file for divorce. How often would you see your children? Would you need to move into a smaller home? Are you prepared to start dating again? If you can’t imagine living with the changes that divorce brings, it’s best to work on your marriage instead of calling it quits.

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