New Jersey Court Orders and Their Role in CPS Cases

New Jersey Court Orders and Their Role in CPS CasesA Higher Authority


New Jersey’s CPS agency, the DCPP, is tasked with investigating reports of child maltreatment and taking steps to protect children at risk of harm in the home. To do this, it sometimes needs to involve the family court if it needs any New Jersey court orders. In New Jersey, the family court is a division of the superior court. In family law cases, the judge may issue a number of orders, which the parents must obey. When your DCPP case goes to court, the stakes are that much higher.

When New Jersey Court Orders Are Necessary

While the DCPP has the authority to investigate reports and work with parents on keeping their children safe, it may need New Jersey court orders for other actions. For example, the DCPP must obtain a court order (or seek to obtain one) if it removes a child from the home or seeks to terminate parental rights. It can even ask the court to order parents to do things, like undergo drug testing.

Not all DCPP cases end up in court. Furthermore, DCPP is required to make reasonable efforts to avoid removing a child before resorting to litigation. It is when a child is at imminent risk of harm or when a parent refuses to cooperate that DCPP may turn to the New Jersey family court for help.

Speak With an Attorney When Facing New Jersey Court Orders

Dealing with DCPP is hard enough. But when the family court becomes involved, you may have to answer to a higher authority: a superior court judge. Accordingly, you need a fierce legal advocate if DCPP has opened a court case against you. You must obey any order issued by the court. So, if the DCPP seeks a court order to remove your child from the home, you must allow it. Disobeying a court order is called contempt of court, which is a criminal offense. Thus, you should involve an experienced New Jersey child abuse defense attorney in your case as early as possible. An attorney can work to defend your rights and present your argument to the court.

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