Do I Need an Expert Witness?

The vast majority of court cases settle before they reach a final hearing.  Family law matters in New Jersey are no exception to this rule.  Family law cases are one of the best type to work toward a settlement, as they deal with the most intimate details of the parties’ lives, and, therefore, the parties are definitely the best situated to make a decision about how their affairs should be handled. Although most cases will be settled before they reach a hearing, this will not be true of all cases.  If your case is not going to settle before reaching a final hearing, you will need to decide whether you need to retain the services of an expert witness.

One reason you may want to retain an expert witness is if you have a family business.  Family businesses can range in value for millions of dollars down to being a financial liability.  No matter the value of your family business, placing a value on it can be challenging.  Inventory, accounts receivable, real estate, and vehicles are just a few examples of assets that will need to be assessed.  The court will make an equitable division of the family business if it is marital property, so it essential to have an accurate figure.  An expert witness can provide essential testimony that brings together the complicated elements of valuation to provide an accurate value to the court.

Another reason you may need an expert witness is if you are being accused of emotional instability.  Being assessed by a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist, who can then testify at trial that you are fit to take care of the child can make the difference between joint custody and supervised visitation.  A mental health professional can also testify to important mental healthcare decisions about the child, in situations where the child is also exhibiting difficulty adapting to the divorce or custody case.

Finally, you may want to hire an expert witness in the cases where the valuation of your real estate is at issue.  In many cases, the parties will need to divide the marital residence.  Moreover, for most people, the marital residence is one of the most valuable assets as part of the marital estate.  A professional evaluator will provide the court with an accurate value of the residence, which means the court can provide the proper equitable division.

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