Do I Have to Let DCPP In My Home?

Do I Have to Let DCPP In My Home?Being accused of child abuse or neglect is every parent’s worst nightmare. For this reason, it is hard for parents to open their doors and welcome investigators from the Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) into their homes. Are you required to let DCPP in your home if there is an investigator on your doorstep? Here’s what you should know:

When to Expect DCPP Investigators

An investigator will visit your home shortly after the DCPP receives a report alleging that your child is a victim of abuse or neglect. Many parents are caught off guard by these allegations, so they are often eager to find out who sent the report. It is illegal for the DCPP to tell you who reported the alleged abuse or neglect, however the investigator will provide you with details of the allegations.

The Investigator is Required to Contact the Alleged Victim

The DCPP investigator is required to make contact with both the parents and the alleged victim during the course of the investigation. Therefore, it’s important for parents to understand that shutting the door in the investigator’s face will not get rid of them for good.

The Authorities May Get Involved

Parents are not legally obligated to welcome an investigator into their home. But, it’s important to understand what happens next if you choose not to cooperate with the investigation.

The DCPP can ask for help from the police or the courts if you refuse to allow them to enter your home. For example, the DCPP may decide to tell the court that you are interfering with their investigation by refusing to allow them in your home. If the court sides with the DCPP, an order to investigate will be issued. Parents must comply with the terms of an order to investigate, otherwise they will face legal consequences for violating a court order.

Basically, parents should know that the DCPP will not close their investigation simply because you did not allow them in your home. If you choose not to allow an investigator into your home, be prepared for the authorities or the courts to get involved.

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